Pen Christmas Cake

The annual Pen Xmas Cake. Back for a special touch again this year are our local collaborators @drinkhonest . A smooth six-spice aromatic, this beautiful carbon-neutral rum goes into our process every step of the way.

1. Starting in September, we set dried fruit to soak for two months. With regular top-ups, the apricots, prunes, golden raisins, black currant, cranberries and figs have time to luxuriate in 18 litres of Honest Rum.

2. In November the fruit is baked with pecans, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts and almonds.

3. The final step is brushing - 22 litres of the rum! Every few days, for over a month, each Pen Xmas Cake

4. Homemade orange jam, roasted pecans, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts and almonds on top