Pen Yuzu Kosho

Even one small drop can be very addictive.

This yuzu citrus and chili condiment is a delicious part of the Japanese culinary tradition. We’ve sourced ingredients within Aotearoa to create three distinct varieties. Each of these will bring a zesty punch to a huge range of everyday dishes.

Jalapeño Yuzu Kosho
Our most popular variety has a versatile and expansive flavour profile with a distinctive jalapeño punch. Medium heat.

Red Bird’s Eye Chili Yuzu Kosho
If you’re interested in turning up the heat level of the yuzu kosho experience, try this variety.

Long Green Chili Yuzu Kosho
The most commonly used chili variety in Japan delivers a mild heat balanced with vibrant notes of yuzu citrus.

This condiment has a huge range of applications, from the traditional through to fusion and experimental. Try it on!